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Horizon360 Media 

Elevate Your Business with Captivating 360 Virtual Tours

Who We Are

Welcome to Horizon360 Media, where we specialize in visual experiences through state-of-the-art 360 virtual tours. We combine cutting-edge technology with artistic finesse, allowing you to navigate and engage with spaces like never before. Our comprehensive suite of services includes high-quality 360 photos, interactive hotspots, immersive 4k videos, breathtaking aerial panoramas and customized branding .  Horizon360 Media is your trusted partner in transforming spaces into captivating digital journeys. 

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What We Offer

Our 360 Virtual Tours can be customized to best showcase your business. 


High Quality 360 Photos

360-degree photos provide an immersive experience, allowing viewers to interact with the image by rotating it in different directions. This interactivity can increase engagement as users spend more time exploring the content giving potential customers a realistic sense of the space without needing to physically visit. This can lead to increased interest and bookings.


Interactive Hotspots

Clickable hotspots enhance the virtual tour experience, enabling users to discover additional information, images, or multimedia content seamlessly embedded within the virtual environment. By providing more information through hotspots, businesses can influence purchasing decisions and increase conversion rates. Users can easily access relevant details about a product or service, leading to a higher likelihood of making a purchase.


Aerial Panoramas

Elevate your perspective with stunning aerial panoramas, offering a bird's-eye view of spaces and landscapes. Aerial panoramas allow you to highlight specific features of your business or property, such as expansive grounds, scenic views, proximity to landmarks, or unique architectural elements. This can help differentiate your business from competitors and attract customers who are drawn to stunning visuals.


Custom Branding

Custom branding adds a professional touch to your virtual tours, enhancing the overall perception of your business. It showcases your attention to detail and commitment to delivering a high-quality experience. You can incorporate elements of your brand narrative, such as your history, values, and unique selling points, into the tour experience, fostering deeper connections with your audience.


The stats consistently demonstrate that individuals enjoy exploring locations and having insights about them prior to their arrival. A 360 tour will create a homely ambiance for your customers, making your business more inviting.

improve your google ranking

Incorporating a 360 tour of your business into Google Street View has been proven to increase visibility, attract more interest, and enhance your ranking in Google search results.

enhance your online reviews

Boost positive reviews by showcasing your business and products, providing customers with a clear understanding of what to expect. Eliminate the uncertainty, ensuring they know exactly what they will see and receive upon arrival.

up your social media presence

Present your business to a wide audience through your 360-degree tour. Share the tour on social media, and witness a surge in business views, as your customers enthusiastically share it with their followers.

Home: Testimonials

Among 18-34 year-olds, customers are 130% more likely to book or enter a business based on a virtual tour.

~ Google Study on Virtual Tours Impact

Bernie Gorski Photo_edited.jpg

Bernie Gorski 
Colchester Ridge Estate Winery

We couldn't be more pleased with the exceptional virtual tour video crafted by Horizon360 Media. As the owner of Colchester Ridge Estate Winery, I sought a way to bring the essence of our picturesque winery and gallery directly to our customers, and Horizon360 Media delivered beyond expectation.
This is evident that Horizon360 Media takes pride in their work, and their passion for creating immersive experiences is unmatched.
I highly recommend Horizon360 Media to any business looking to elevate their online presence and provide customers with an engaging virtual experience. Thank you for bringing Colchester Ridge Estate Winery to life in such a captivating way.

Jameson Wolff Testimonial_edited.jpg

Jameson Wolff 
JamesonWolff Fitness Systems
Owner, Trainer, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

As the owner of a private personal training gym in North Delta, I know how crucial it is for potential clients to feel confident and comfortable before making that first contact.

Horizon360 Media provided a phenomenal 360° virtual tour for my website, allowing potential clients to explore and get a feel for my facility and coaching style.

Aaron was incredibly professional, thorough, and above all, friendly and caring throughout the entire process. I believe 360° tours are the next big thing for businesses in this digital age, and I highly recommend their services to anyone.

Nick Bezaire_edited_edited.jpg

Nick Bezaire
Acquity Living

We are thrilled with the exceptional 3D virtual tour services provided by Aaron and Horizon360 Media for Resting Roots Inn. Their meticulous attention to detail and professional expertise have brought our property to life, offering potential tenants an immersive and engaging virtual experience.

The quality and clarity of the tour has significantly increased interest and inquiries, showcasing the unique charm and features of Resting Roots Inn.

We highly recommend Aaron and Horizon360 Media to anyone looking to elevate their property listings. Thank you for your outstanding work!

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